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Liposuction / Fat Freezing



Its is essentially for anyone who has stubborn area of body fat that they want to get ride of “ Fat freezing can be done by anyone who wishes to lose excess body fat in a non-surgical manner. Both men and women can opt for this treatment . The ideal candidate could be anyone looking mild improvement, in the age group of 18-80 with a BMI of less than 30, and those looking to shed 4 to 5 kilograms of extra fat.


“ Fat freezing is safe and harmless as long as its conducted by a trained professional. It works only on the targeted area and doesn’t tamper with the surrounding tissues. Even the device used in the procedures is built keeping in mind safety concerns. The device has build –in sensors to detect whether the skin is getting too cold-, in which case, the system will shut down automatically. While temporary side effects such as numbness, redness or tenderness could occur, they are resolve with in days or weeks, “.

The post treatments phase also doesn’t require any precautions in particular and the patient can go back to a regular routine almost immediately after the procedure.


“ Although the results are not visible immediately, the patient will feel a slight change three to four weeks. However, it takes 12 weeks for the complete change to take place.”

While the results are promising and have long term effects, just like every other non- surgical treatment, it can take while to achieve them results.
A single treatments yields minimal changes with approximately 25 percent of fat reduction.
While you may notice changes in three weeks, the effectiveness of the treatment is apparent after two months and one can actually see transition.
Even after the treatment, the body continues to flush out fat cells for up to four to six months, thus leading to further fat loss.


Both the procedures work towards permanently removing fat from targeted areas. There, however, are a few key differences:

Surgical done with anesthesia Procedure type Non- invasive
Blood clots, skin discoloration. Internal wound punctures, lumps,etc. that can lead to serious complication Side effects Minor effects like temporary bruising, Redness, swelling etc. that can be easily resolved
1 hour surgery Duration A few one-hour sessions
3-5 days Recovery time A walk - in , walk out procedures
Noticeable results after three months Results Visible results after 3 weeks
Two Hundred Thousand Rupees Average Cost INR 20.000 - 98.000



Most people do not feel anything during the procedure except mild sensations of pulling and stinging etc. Though, some rare side effects could include:

Tugging sensation
When the cooling panels make contact with your body during the procedure, you may feel a tugging sensation, this lasts for an hour or two depending on the duration of your treatment.

Pain, stinging or aching
One of the most common side effects is a stinging sensation or aching. This typically happen after the treatment because of the cold temperatures that the skin and tissues are exposed to.

Temporary redness, swelling or numbness.
Post the treatment, temporary side effects such as numbness or redness can occur, which get resolved in a few days. It is normal to experience loss of sensation in the treatment area because of the cold temperatures.